This is a post inspired by hunger. Not any kind of metaphorical hunger, just literal “I’ve been hungry all day” hunger. I went to the gym as normal…as I often do…I went to the gym as I sometimes do when the muse takes me, and felt fine, but ever since then I’ve just been starving.

So, in honour of that, let’s talk all about takeaways.

Why are takeaways so appealing? I walked into the house to a scattering of menus all over the doormat, and now all I can do is debate which would be better if I were to get one (which I’m not, because…well, gym). The thing is, I know all of the restaurants, and I know them all to be rubbish. And here’s the thing. I’d still buy food from any one of them, simply for the joy that is eating takeaway food and not caring.

My parents having lived in India, Indian food has been a bit of a life-feature for me, so naturally that’s always a welcome choice. However, since living on my own, it’s also the takeaway meal I have the least. I’ve thankfully moved on from kebabs as well (well, my body is thankful, my heart is still a bit sad). Now if I’m going to order in, it’s a pick between pizza, Chinese, or some kind of take on Middle Eastern.

The issue is that in the UK we do eating so wrong that none of these foods work well. Pizza is the most acceptable, because it’s a given that we share a pizza, but then that means that you have to conform to what someone else wants on top of an entire pizza and that is a lot to give up. The other two just don’t work because with Chinese inevitably everyone in the room insists on ordering a single dish and having it to themselves – which is just plain boring. The whole point of food like this is to have a tiny bit of 10 different dishes, not eat an entire box of special chow mein to yourself (#me).

The issues with British people and Middle Eastern food are the most difficult for me. Where to begin. Again, it’s sharing food. It’s also finger food and if you’re not comfortable with that then you need to learn to wash your hands properly. Also, olives are great, especially cooked. Also, there is nothing that isn’t improved by a mixture of hummus, tzatziki and harissa. Also, falafel. But only good falafel. Why do we not eat this all the time?

So, onto the list which was always going to follow this post. If you live in Leeds, my picks are:

PizzaEcco Pizzeria
There’s takeaway pizza, and then there’s takeaway pizza. If you want greasy hangover food, this is not the recommendation for you (maybe go with Pitza Cano). Ecco is the best of pizza. Fancy toppings, random volumes (buy by the half metre, because whatever). It’s delightful.

ChineseEast Ocean
t’s nothing special to be honest, it’s just a Chinese takeaway. But it’s a nice, well priced Chinese takeaway that I’ve never had a bad experience with. And they are few and far between.

Middle EasternOranaise
My Dad chats to the Algerian owners whenever we go in, and it’s always hilarious. They have a lovely café and their takeaway menu is just as good. They even do takeaway mint tea, which is frankly hilarious (and delicious).

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  1. “It’s also finger food and if you’re not comfortable with that then you need to learn to wash your hands properly. ” – this.

    The kebabs in Istanbul were amazing, I miss them a LOT, and I had never tried a kebab before because the British version looks repulsive to me!

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