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I am Sally. I work for a students’ union in the Grim North doing all things governance (with a healthy dose of random other admin). I spent the first bit of my life studying, and got as far as a Masters by Research in Hispano-Arabic poetry before I called it quits. My thesis focused on the interchange of metrics between the Arab and European poetic worlds, and how that affected performance styles. If you want to read it, you’re boring and probably a little bit crazy (but get in touch and I’ll send you a copy – nerds are better together).

I watch a lot of rubbish TV to counterpoint being a bit of an academic, but I think it’s good to have a variety of knowledge  (“knowledge”). I love to cook and bake, even though I can’t pretend I’m amazing at either. I love the theatre, both the theory and the practice, and you’ll find me attending anything from Shakespearean drama to Panto, not to mention performing, directing, producing and everything else in between.

Other things about me: I’d love to be a writer, but as any frequent blog reader will know I am both
a) inconsistent
b) incoherent half the time
That being said, I love my little corner of the internet and it’s one of the forums I use to try and constantly better myself. If you’ve got any comments or pointers for me then I’d love to hear them (both life and writing related) because my main belief is that you should always go through life with the basic aim of improving yourself.

The blog is something I started while I was an undergraduate so that I could record the time I spent living abroad in Morocco and in Spain. It was originally called “It’s Raining here in Fes”, because it rained a lot (no really, it did). Morocco is well documented here, Spain unfortunately is less so, though I think that means I had a good time. I try to use my own photos where possible on this site, and I occasionally draw pictures, or splice them together in MS Paint (if only to prove that I am not a loss to the art world)

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