Post Man vs Occ the Occupier

Sometimes we have letters come through the door marked for Occ. The Occupier, and I always think, what a great super-villain name. And then I build scenarios in my head between Post Man and Occ the Occupier and his evil band of takeaway menu delivery boys, sent to plague the halls of Leeds.

The imagination is a wonderful, beautiful, slightly unhinged thing.

In other news, the world has gone mad. I’m convinced that the apocalypse is around the corner, because I don’t know if it’s only here in this one geographical location but HAVE YOU SEEN THE WEATHER? This morning I took the following picture as I left for the gym


And it’s beautiful.

Then, 20 minutes later it’s snowing. SNOWING. And it just yoyo-ed (real word) between blinding sun and snow for the rest of the day. I just don’t know what to think. It’s March. How do I dress for the rest of the week. How do I plan for this? It’s impossible.

(This is probably the weirdest and most English post I’ve come out with thus far. WEATHER WEATHER WEATHER)

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