Stuff I have done

This page is dedicated to content I’ve written, drawn, photographed myself, or in some other way produced. This definitely includes cooking, a staple of my Instagram feed.

I’m in the process of transferring things from DeviantArt where I have had an account for some time, which I’ve not taken enough care of at all.

Before judging me too harshly, please bear in mind that a lot of this was written in my highly melodramatic teen years. I’ve chosen not to edit anything I wrote then, but I’m hoping to update this portfolio with more recent work which might show that I’ve gained (a little) maturity in the interim. Rather than editing, I’ve added notes to some of the pieces which I feel either need more context, or which I’ve had new thoughts on since I originally wrote them.

All the content on this page is original work of my own, but if it bears any resemblance to someone else’s work, do not hesitate to contact me with queries. If you would like to use any of my images or writing feel free to contact me, but please do not use my material without prior consent.

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