All of you

(Nice title parity for the last two posts – you’re welcome)

You know what’s great? People. Real human people. They’re just the best. Because let’s be honest, I’m being this girl


but in blog form recently, and you would all be well within your rights to ignore me and go about your lives, but instead, everyone is awesome.

So the message is, sometimes you feel crappy, and sometimes that feeling sticks around for longer than it should, and there isn’t a quick fix and you can’t pretend because you had one good day that you won’t have 10 bad ones. But, keep moving forward and do it with the people you love and care about and then it’ll be fine.

Also, don’t worry that your problems don’t seem worth sharing because they aren’t a big enough deal. I don’t really have any proper problems at all, I’m incredibly lucky. But for the sake of sharing some feelings with some people, I now get to carry on with today feeling 100% better than when I began, and that’s important and worth it. Especially as I don’t think I inconvenienced anyone by doing it. If I did inconvenience you, comment below. #blogariffic.

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