I love that the word selfie is in the dictionary.

As Boyfriend always says, one of the great things about English is how it’s always evolving. Now brace yourselves for some language geekery, but I love that because that’s not the case in every language. Arabic does keep having words added to it, as loan words, but they will never really be Arabic because the structure of the language denies new words really being created. English doesn’t, we accept and create and re-purpose words all the time and that’s great.

Now, naturally this post has a point other than me spouting about languages, which is the whole “no make up selfie to raise awareness for cancer”.


We’re well aware I have “views” on things, but I know from the personal experience of my own Facebook wall today that this has been done to death, so I will express my “views” as neat bullet points.

  • If you posted a selfie and didn’t donate you’re an attention whore, go home.
  • No, there is no need to raise awareness of cancer. Everyone knows about cancer.
  • Yes, there is a need to give more to charity to help combat it. However, I’d like to see more going to support charities like Macmillan than to Cancer Research. They get tonnes of funding.
  • No, you do not look ugly without make-up.
  • No, you do not look stunning without make-up. You look normal. It’s fine.
  • Yes, wear make-up if you want. It’s your face. Ignore haters.

So there we are. Have a music video to help. It’s so bad it’s good, I promise.



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