Gym (pronounced guy-mh)

So I got gym membership.

Normally I am dead against memberships and in general payments for things in advance, because I feel cheated out of the money immediately, and then go on to resent the thing I’ve paid for until I’ve had my full use of it. With gym membership that’s a lot of resentment given the minimum term at the on-campus gym is 3 months.

However, I bit the bullet and did it, because it’s a good way to hang around with my best friend now that we’re both doing Masters degrees and have no time for each other. Plus there is really nothing wrong with getting up at 6.30 (or 6.32 because I can’t have my alarm set to a round number, go figure) and doing an intense workout before work. It’s actually a wonderful way of getting ready for the day.

One problem: I’m still getting to bed ridiculously late, which means I’m losing out on sleep nowadays. However, given how much I used to sleep in Morocco, I think I’ve got a decent backlog to get through.


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