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Let’s take a second to talk about Leeds Student newspaper.

They are having their funding cut this year*, meaning they will not be able to continue issuing their print edition. Twitter is in uproar over this, and I think it’s incredibly stupid. Here are some things to consider:

  • This is the most important point. I do not agree with Leeds Student having their funding cut, and I agree that a print copy of the paper is a good thing, and the union should maintain a print media outlet. Even if it’s often a bit crap (the front page “Milions” incident of last year springs to mind…).


  1. The print version is currently free. Would all the twitterers  be willing to pay for it (even 20p?). I doubt it.
  2. Repeatedly, people are claiming “they are silencing the student voice”. I’m sorry, but when did LS in print become the only version of LS? Most of their decent content is online. Read it online. The Scribe and Lippy Mag are managing fine.
  3. 9K fees “are you getting enough”. I have nothing to say. The university is not funding the paper, nor should they. I don’t agree with how high tuition is now, but it’s for your education. Turn up to your sodding lectures.
  4. “There is no logic behind this cut”. YES THERE IS. IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and I’d love to know how many copies of Leeds Student (printed on trees, see what I did there) aren’t picked up each week. It’s a waste. Added to this, lots of alumni are joining in on twitter, including the lovely Jay Rayner (my favourite critic). If you all care so much, how about an alumni whip-round?jay rayner

And while I’m on this subject, why the grumbling about the Leeds Student Editor position being separate in the Leadership Race? It’s a separate job. More to the point, it’s a job, and it shouldn’t be a popularity contest anyhow. I don’t recall being allowed to elect anyone the head of the Guardian/Times/your paper of choice. Let me know if I’m wrong, do. I know that LS is slightly different, being the main union media outlet but still. Point stands I feel.

/rant. (For today)

*EDIT: After I finished writing this, this article turned up. Please Lord, how do Leeds Student expect us to take them seriously when they manage to start a national sodding campaign to save them from something which was an incorrect rumour all along. I just can’t even…

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