It’s raining posts, hallelujah!

So once again, it’s been a while since I posted. There are a number of reasons for that as you will see, but what you principally need to know is that despite not having been writing for the last month, I’ve been thinking.

That can only mean one thing.

Yes, a ridiculous posting session where I ignore boyfriend for the rest of the night and he gets really annoyed is in order.

Let’s begin at the beginning, with a little life news. In the last month, I have:

Had several meetings with my supervisor, and learned loads about Andalusian poetry
Run 6 Opera rehearsals
Organised the start of our Spanish play (with help)
Had a visit from the family
Made a lot of food
Had a Halloween party
Listened to a bunch of radio
Got a new workspace
Played Skyrim to ignore the fireworks

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