Sweeney Todd

A group of my my friends who graduated with me this summer have come back up to Leeds this weekend to go and see Sweeney Todd, because it’s on at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Unfortunately I convinced myself that there was a cool poetry event at the same time, and so I didn’t get myself a ticket. I was wrong about the cool poetry event, so now I just can’t go.  However, we did all meet up for a drink last night, and as an apology for not being able to join in I painted my nails in Sweeney Todd style.

Now don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a nail blog (not that there is anything wrong with nail blogs, I’m just not made of time) but I was really pleased with the results, and the internet is for sharing, so here we go. Photos were provided by boyfriend using his fancy new camera, and we tried some exciting props.
Sweeney Todd nails 1
Sweeney Todd nails 2
Sweeney Todd nails 3
Sweeney Todd nails 4
The last one definitely makes my hand look like a claw, but never mind, I think they look cool and I’m proud of my effort. I’m not the most artistic of people, so doing things like this is always a risk. Hope you like them as much as I do.

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