The Wonder and the Marvel

I miss going to see shows. I’m involved in three right now, directing ‘The Elixir of Love’ by Gaetano Donizetti for LUU OperaSoc, producing ¡Sublime Descisión! by Miguel Mihura with the Spanish department, and being props master for LUU MT’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being involved, but there is something completely different about going, and spending 3 hours of your life wrapped up in someone else’s creation. Honestly, it’s magical.

I was lucky enough to bag a ticket to see ‘Death in Venice’ by Britten at the Leeds Grand Theatre a few weeks ago. My friend dropped out because of another commitment, and I happened to be free, so along I went. This year marks 60 since Britten died, and so the Opera world has been slightly a-buzz with it all, but I was really just there to see a good show. And that’s what I got. Bits of the scenery/setting were a bit “concept” for my liking, but overall it left me blown away.

Benjamin Britten
Looking a bit grumpy for such a wonderful guy

After the show I got to thinking about how much I miss seeing things at the theatre. For my 21st Boyfriend took me to London for the weekend, we stayed in a hotel that was far posher than us (and we didn’t care) and we went to see ‘The Lion King’. It was one of the best things ever. So was ‘Wicked’ when I went to see that. In fact, I can’t think of a show I’ve seen EVER that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy.

I just wish I had more time.

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