Today we went on a day out to York. Boyfriend will tell you that I am a big fan of a “day out” and we’ve been doing a lot this summer, rather than taking a longer holiday away.I think it’s a shame that people often don’t visit their surrounding attractions. I know I’m certainly at fault for that. I think it’s due to the fact that a lot of things don’t seem very interesting on the surface, and so it doesn’t seem worth the time or money when you can just “come back another day” because “it’ll still be here”. This summer we’ve been working on breaking that habit and visiting places nearby with friends, and honestly, it’s been lovely.

So, to bring it back to today. We went to York, better known to the Vikings among you as Jorvik. We went to the Jorvik Centre and their bonus exhibition which is about Viking Heroes. Despite all this being aimed at a 7 year old mind, I really enjoyed myself.

A significant factor in my enjoyment of the day might be that I am a history obsessive. Not enough to study it, or to call to mind names and dates on demand (far from it, I am useless at a history round in a pub quiz) but enough to find museums and exhibitions absolutely fascinating. I loved going round the Jorvik centre and reminding myself all about how the vikings lived, and what stuff was like back then. In many ways I can’t imagine living like that, but in many ways if I had the chance I think it’d be really interesting to experience.

Maybe my love of all things Skyrim also contributed to how much I enjoyed the day. Who can say.


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