Why I enjoy writing

I feel like sharing with you.I started this blog back up again because I realised I miss writing. I recently finished my undergraduate degree, during which I did a lot of writing, but most of which I didn’t enjoy, and it put me off. That combined with the fact that Boyfriend thinks my punctuation is poor (which it probably is) meant that I gave up on writing for a while.

But really I love writing. It’s engaging, entertaining, and it’s such a wonderful way to express yourself. I rediscovered this blog at about the same time that I rediscovered how fantastic reading is when it’s for pleasure. Between writing here and reading (and re-reading) some good books.

If you are stuck for a hobby, I can’t recommend writing a blog more highly. It’s liberating to write about what you think, or care about, without expecting a response or needing some kind of qualification for it. I don’t feel like the world needs to know my opinions or stories about my life, but putting these blog posts together forces me into a level of creativity and focus that I don’t necessarily get in the other parts of my life. It also makes me think about my experiences, reflect on them, and then really appreciate them in a way I probably wouldn’t if I hadn’t chosen to write about them.

And by write, I mean type of course. My writing is shocking.

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