Today has been an interesting day.The principle thing I can say about it is that it has been filled with a large range of emotions, and that’s given me some time to think over how I personally react to situations, and how I react to my own emotions, which is interesting stuff.

The day began with me in a bad mood, because last night I had a meaningless fight with Boyfriend. This is something that happens as frequently as in any other relationship (I’m sure) and our arguments tend to revolve around the core idea that one or other of us has completely misunderstood the other. Once we calm down enough to talk like rational human beings we invariably realise our mistake and all is well.

But last night we didn’t discuss because we were both tired, and so I woke up in a strop. Later in the day this came back to bite me when we descended into full-flung argumentville. We fought for a while and then I stropped off to think about what I’d done, and I realised a very important factor in the argument. I was feeling wounded because Boyfriend hadn’t (as I perceived it) given me enough attention, and was suggesting that I’d taken something else too personally. I reasoned that it was my prerogative to take it so personally and that he should be ready to apologise.

Life does not work like that.

At any rate, we solved the argument fairly painlessly later, but it got me thinking about emotions. I realised that I’m actually very happy to be a deeply emotional person. It means I fly off the handle a little too quickly, and it means I take things to heart a little more than I should, but the flip-side is that when things are good for other people, they’re excellent for me. Boyfriend frequently tells me off for claiming films are “hilarious”, but to me they really are. Looking back on my time in Morocco and Spain (Spain stories coming soon by the way, so watch this space) I realise that I probably enjoyed them twice as much as my fellow classmates because the colours never dulled for me. Things about the culture never stopped amazing me even after 9 months there, which is why I managed to maintain a fairly active blog.

I wouldn’t have been able to do that without having slightly amped-up emotions.

Drawn by Mr Jack Cotton for the Belfrey Theatre

Oh, Boyfriend also wanted me to share that the emotional drama did not end with the argument. He made a joke that a butterfly had died earlier in the day and I may or may not have burst out crying. Suffice to say that he found the whole thing hilarious.

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