Achy Ankles and Companies with no Souls

Today my ankles ache.I’m not a fan of the traditional fad-diet which we all have such a love-hate relationship with, so rather than doing that to lose weight I’ve decided to try and change my lifestyle and my routine. I have an app which tracks my net calorie intake per day, measuring my food intake against my CV exercise. It doesn’t include weights exercises because it’s such an individual amount of loss with those, but as far as I’m concerned that should just mean I lose weight/build muscle more quickly. So fine.

However, a big part of the “exercise” half of my lifestyle change is star jumps. I just find them the best CV activity to do without leaving the comfort of my flat (because God forbid someone other than Boyfriend witness my health attempts…and having said that, even he’s not allowed in the room really).

But today I couldn’t do star jumps because putting pressure on my ankles hurt. I have a long history of cruddy joints, so it’s not something I’m worried about, it’s just a bit annoying.

In other news, why do some companies have no souls? I wanted to insert a picture here, so I Google’d “Company with no Soul” and here is the result:


Thanks Google, you’ve illustrated my point beautifully.

So the reason I am grouchy about companies with no souls is because over the last few months I’ve had to deal with two companies of the housing variety who have tried (one of them successfully) to grub me out of money. The first one was a sad mistake on my part, and a frankly pathetic piece of work on their part who worded part of our interaction in such a way as to persuade me into making a statement which could be used against me legally. The whole affair was horrible, and I can only conclude that people who work for said company (we’ll have no shaming here however, as I, unlike them, am not pathetic) are horrible little trolls and I don’t know how they sleep at night.
That being said, I think the latest interaction has actually annoyed me more. We’re in conflict with our previous landlord company over the return of our bond, because they are claiming over £130 in cleaning costs.
I think not, kind sirs.
A quick search reveals that a deep clean can be arranged for £65 for a one-bed flat, and that is assuming any cleaning needed doing. Which it didn’t because I did it myself (with Boyfriend, naturally) for 5 hours before we moved out, in the hopes that the next tenants would have a more pleasant experience than us. We moved in to a filthy, unpainted, uncared-for flat and it took us weeks to get some very basic things done by the landlords. For them to then deign to try and charge us is frankly ridiculous. Thankfully we’re well protected by our bond protection scheme, and I doubt we’ll even have to look at claiming through court.
Normally I can see the other side of a conflict, even if I don’t agree with it, but in this case, as with the first one, I’m lost. The money can’t be released to the landlord until we accept their claims, and so until we do they are just wasting resources. If it goes to court (which we will if necessary) they will need to spend even more time and resources. And all to steal money off of two tenants who were never once late with the rent, took far greater care of the premises than the previous tenant, and left it in a better-than-acceptable state. Not to mention we left early.
Why do you want to steal from me, company with no soul? Is it easier to sleep when my money is under your pillow? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Tell me, because I don’t get it.

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