In the evening

Today’s post is a little late because I decided to drive home tonight. I had a few different motivations.1) I feel like driving at night is less of a waste than driving in the day
2) I was missing Boyfriend
3) I wasn’t sleeping well at my parents’ house (I have no idea why)
4) There is a badass meteor shower which I thought was tonight, and I wanted to see it with Boyfriend.

But it turns out that the meteor shower (which is called the Perseids meteor shower if you were wanting something google-able) is actually going to be most impressive tomorrow night, not to mention it’s cloudy and raining, so instead I find myself in my living room at 11.30 pm staring at this:

Which is a Devil’s Food Cake, because I’m watching something called “Baking with Martha” or “Martha’s Baking Time” or “Learn to Bake with Martha” or something with Martha. You get the idea.
Did I mention I’m on a diet?
Despite the quest to lose a few of my less necessary pounds of padding, I can’t give up my one big vice, which is Good Food channel. I’m doing well at monitoring my calorie intake and I’ve (so far) been disciplined when it comes to amping up my workout routine, but in the evenings I still have a tendency to sink salivating into the sofa (you came for the alliteration, right?) and indulge in a hearty helping of Good Food. It’s heavenly.


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