Sally Gets a Job: Part 3

Having got the interview for Mad Science, I continued on my hunt for a job with more regular hours. This lead me to the Leeds University Union Joblink page, a dedicatred site specially for students of Leeds looking for work in the area. It was difficult to use, because nothing actually pointed out that I had to sign in before I could access the job descriptions. I spent a long time going in circles. But eventually I worked it out, in time to look at the perfect job.

Part-time Library Assistant

Yes! thought I. Mother is a librarian so I’ve been in and around libraries all my life, and if you can navigate Leeds’ “special” cataloguing system (lord knows what issue they had with Dewey decimal…) then you can do any cataloguing system in the world. Also, it was just 2 week nights, and a Saturday morning. Ideal.

But here is the crunch. Got to have an A-level in Music. Oh GCUS, why did you stop offering music A-level just as I made it to 6th form? The reason for this odd requirement is that the job is at the Music College, and so of course you need a decent knowledge of music to be able to help the students get what they need. So strike that off the list as another job which is almost-but-not-quite for me. 

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