Sally Gets a Job: Part 4

So, where was I?

I applied to Asda. It was a bit last-ditch because the store is a half-hour away, and I don’t really want to work on the shop floor because I’m experienced in complaints and customer services. But I applied anyway. The Asda application service is just one big Asda advert. At one point in the process they actually give you a set of figures about the awesome price of Asda products compared to other supermarkets and make you work out the differences. I wasn’t impressed, it all seemed a little bit shameless.

At this point (a week ago) I was beginning to think I stood no chance of getting a job at all.

Then this happened:
Firstly, I stopped into a coffee shop near home yesterday with a friend. And they wanted people to work there. So I handed in my CV to a guy who seemed really keen to hire me. Admittedly I haven’t heard back, but still.
Secondly, today I  had my interview at Mad Science. And I got the job! At least, I got it verbally and I’m waiting on an e-mail confirmation. But it looks like the ideal job for me, so mission=success! Hallelujah.

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