Sally Gets a Job: Part 2

So I didn’t manage the council mentoring, but I checked online, and found another amazing job, this time with a company called ‘Mad Science’. They send presenters to schools and kids’ parties to do science for them. It sounds like my dream job, I cannot tell a lie. So I applied.

And they got back to me right away, and offered me an interview.

But I was in Italy. BUMMER. Thankfully they were happy to give me a new date, and so that interview is coming my way on Monday morning, so you can all wish me luck with that.

Check them out at 

There is more though. So much more. Even though I had this interview, no reason not to apply for something with more reliable hours. I found a job at the Student Union, working in the Student Advice Centre. I thought that since I’ve got a good background in customer services, and working with people, and also since I’m a student, I’d be quite well qualified for this post. Apparently they thought otherwise, as I didn’t even get shortlisted.

Better luck in part 3? 

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