Sally Gets a Job: Part 1

Let me tell you what has happened so far, in my quest for a job.

I began with a simple plan. I wanted to get a part-time job, on weekday evenings, working about 15 hours a week, for minimum wage or above. I wanted to avoid weekends, because after a year in Morocco, I relish the idea of having the time to visit my family and friends, and spend time with Boyfriend.

I have past experience working in retail and with children in a teaching type position, so I looked there first. I was thwarted at my very first attempt.

I applied to be a mentor
For some local kids in care
I thought I’d be a certain choice
Because I could get there
And had all relevant experience
But Alas, twas not to be
Thought I applied before the deadline
The woman didn’t get back to me
Until the deadline had been reached
And had the nerve to say
“Well, the deadline was actually today, and it would be wise to apply before the deadline in future if you are serious about getting the job”
So, despite applying in good time, I missed out on the job at the Council. Their loss. 

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