Humble Apologies

I know, I know. It’s been a long time. I always hoped I would never do this, because I find it so annoying when the blogs which I enjoy following suddenly decide to stop posting. But Life does tend to get in the way a little bit, and I’ve had a busy summer. Here is my timetable.June – July: British Council Times in Rabat
July: Cyprus with Boyfriend and his family
August: Italy with Mother for a lovely week spent in the beautiful city of Florence
August: Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Boyfriend. Full of funny people
August – Now: Leeds

Now then. I have had a long and lovely summertime, filled with sun, sea, comedy and baguette express (the nicest paninis I have ever tasted).

But, I cannot lie. From mid-August until now, I’ve had no excuse for not posting more often. I have been moving house into the new Leeds place, trying to find a job, and getting everything fixed up. It’s been tiring and stressful, and so I’ve not really engaged well with the rest of the world. This was not helped by the fact that there have been loads of robberies in our area. All in all, it’s not been the most fun in the world.

But this shall change. I plan on getting back to posting more often for all you lovely people, and to begin with, I’ll let you into my fun fun job search experience.

Once again

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