Off the face of the Earth

I had such good intentions when I left Morocco. I thought I could keep up blogging. I was wrong. The rest of the world is just so exciting, how can I have time?For example, I just left this on for 30 minutes because I had something else to do.

Back now though. So I am back from Cyprus, which was lovely, and once again, pictures to follow. Boyfriend took them all on his phone so it’s about bullying him to get them back. Anyway, the point is that it was a lovely holiday. I’m now back at home for a little while and have had a nice few day, although there is a funny story which I have for your entertainment…

Yesterday I went to Cambridge to see the outdoor Shakespeare. Shakespeare was lovely, the picnic was fantastic and the company was amazing, but the real thrill was the journey home. Essentially what happened was that as we left Cambridge, I got us lost. Which was fine, until we tried to get found again. Then came the signs. Diversion. Road ahead closed. Diversion. Frogs. Diversion. Diversion pointing the way you’ve just come. Reindeer. Two diversion signs pointing at each other. Ice. Elderly people and Ducks. Reindeer. Diversion.

It was eventful.

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