Leeds and Cyprus and Many Other Things


Basically, sorry.

I’m in Cyprus by the way, on holiday with Boyfriend, and though he has internet, I don’t, not having brought internet-friendly devices along with me for the ride. Silly me. So I am stealing his laptop for the purposes of this post, to let you know what’s been going on.

So I have a new pretty house in Leeds. Photos will follow. Basically it is big and high and nice and I like it. And it has a nice kitchen, so dinner at mine next year, I plan on re-living Fes to the maximum.

Then after Leeds I came to Cyprus, which is a lot of fun because I’ve never had a sun-sea-sand holiday before. I have chilled by the pool, and on the beach, and got burnt a lot. And then there have been active days as well which have included driving all through the mountains to see a monastery, and going on a jet-ski (Boyfriend drove, hence me still being alive), and going to a waterpark which was a new and exciting experience for me. Whoever thought of a theme-park but made of water is a genius in my books.

Boyfriend liked the bouncy-castle in the water best.

The only downside to all of this is that once again I have been bitten to death by mosquitoes, and it is ridiculously hot here so I haven’t slept due to night upon night of sweaty itching. Nice I know, but I am telling you all the details so that you can live my experiences as well. Kay?

Anyway, Boyfriend wants his laptop back, and is sat next to me criticising my use (or lack of use) of proper grammar, so I will have to end there.

Photos to follow I promise!

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