Pick and Mix

I’d say my lack of ability to keep this blog up now that I don’t have the glaring monotony of Fes at my window (which I miss, but let’s not pretend it’s exciting there) is a good indicator of things to come. I feel bad in a way, but then I think the same 10 people have read this all year, and I’ll be living with half of them next year, so it probably won’t be so relevant. Anyway, here’s what you’ve missed.

United Colours of Bennettonn. I know it has doubles somewhere. Not quite sure where. Anyway, they are doing it all wrong here in Rabat. They’ve got a lovely window display of mannequins wearing nothing but beige. And I know that if you mix up all the colours you get white according to science and brown according to everyone else, but that does not mean that you can call your shop ‘united colours’ and just have beige. It’s a poor show.

I am working on the new British Council Morocco website. It’s pretty good actually, learning about all the stuff they do and how they do it and all this stuff. And then to get to play with a web editor and put it all together is good times as well. Go ahead and visit it sometime in the next few days and check it out. And if it seems a little incomplete check back a few days afterwards because it probably means that mine hasn’t gone live yet. I’m still waiting for approval and permissions, because in real-life you have to do as you’re told (mostly).

Portico Quartet. Classy act if you ask me. I had the fun job of meeting them and looking after them last night when they played at the Jazz Au Chellah festival. It was good fun, because they not only play good music, but they’re nice guys as well. Everyone who came really enjoyed it and they got a good reception from the Moroccan crowd. I do suggest you check them out, because even though they are ‘jazz’ prepare to be surprised. Whatever you think it will be, I guarantee you, it’s not that. But it’s still good. Basically, check them out.

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