Ring a ding ding

People who know me will know that I love rings. Jewelry generally is not my thing, and I actually wear the same 6 pieces of jewelry every single day. What is noticeable about that is that 4 of the 6 are rings. 1 toe and 3 fingers. I never had the guts to get my ears pierced, and so instead of getting into pretty earrings like most girls my age, I spent hours digging through my Nan’s and my Mum’s jewelry boxes finding all their pretty rings. At one point I wore enough to have one per finger, but I have managed to cut down.So, back to the point, I went to Casablanca yesterday. Avid readers will know that my adventures to Casa normally end badly (or begin badly and just continue that way). Thankfully yesterday I was going to meet a friend from work who’d said she’d show me around. I had a lovely day, saw a lot of the city, and to boot, bought a lovely ring, to replace my old one.


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