Old Man Time

Time is a funny old thing. No matter what science says, time does not keep to a regular pace. Some things feel like they take no time. Others, take forever. Things which have a set period of time allocated to them end up lasting too long. And others don’t last long enough.

I think the key is to use the time you’ve got well. To try and always be moving forwards, but always be happy. Every day is a new day to learn something new, or take on a new challenge, but every day is a part of your life and life is a long old thing for most of us. Some people say ‘Live each day as if it’s your last’, but if you do that, you spend so much time doing things that you miss out on time to yourself.

Time to yourself is my favourite variety of time. It’s a time to do whatever you want to, to be relaxed, with a smile on your face. Some people spend hours watching TV, or walking, or reading, or sleeping. And other people insist it’s a waste. But you can’t ever waste time, you can just use it in a way that is good for you, or in one that is bad for you.

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