I am bored of revision for the minute. Not good I know. Something I need to work on. Let’s play the truth game. If anyone can be bothered (I am painfully aware of the lack of comments anywhere on my blog), answer the same questions.

Biggest Achievement of your life
Passing my driving test. It took me 4 tries, mostly through the sheer stress of it. My first examiner was horrible, I’d practically failed in his eyes before even getting into the car. From there onwards, my examiners got worse, and I got more confident, so when I finally passed, I do feel like I deserved it.

Most scared you have ever been
Honestly, walking along a path somewhere on the coast about 8 years ago. My brother was 6 or 7 at the time, and I remember really clearly being terrified that he would wander of the path and fall down the cliffs to one side of us. I have no idea why I though that, but I was totally petrified for the whole walk.

Most fun you have ever had
This one is hard, but I do remember one time when I genuinely was so happy. I was walking away from my auntie’s house with my Mum, and there was a group of pigeons sitting in the path. For some unknown reason both me and my Mum ran into them, and made them fly away. Then we burst out laughing, and it felt amazingly fun and childish.

Best holiday you’ve ever had
I’ve had a lot of lovely holidays with my family all around England, and with school and things, but I had a lovely time last summer when I went to Amsterdam with boyfriend. It is the first holiday I’ve really been on as an independent adult, and it was such good fun, getting to go and do all the things we wanted (except my museums, but fair enough) I’m looking forward to this summer though.

Right then, back to work.

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  1. I just wrote a really long comment out and the computer ate it :(.

    I’ll re-type it tomorrow as I’m tired now. Not that you’re not worth the extra effort, but I need to sleep. I’m up for work in 6 hours and 32 minutes.

    Sweet dreams.

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