Verb Forms and trying to be a nice person

Today I spent 5 hours writing out verb forms for my Arabic revision. It’s about a week and a half until my exams, and for once I am revising properly and efficiently.I’ve also spent a great deal of today thinking about how to be a better person. A very wise friend of mine said that it is human to say dumb and mean things about people, and to have a bad day. But I think that while I’ve been here in Morocco, I’ve been worse than usual for that. A combination of being a mess of hormones and being a small white girl in north Africa hasn’t done much for my mood.

I could take the time to look back at my blog over the last 8 months, and then cite the posts where I’ve said something a little bit unnecessary. I make a point of putting nothing on here which I wouldn’t say to that person’s face, but I’ve realised recently that sometimes it’s all about knowing when that is appropriate. There is a big difference between ‘honest’ and ‘cruel’ and just as big a line between ‘honest’ and ‘kind’. Sometimes I feel like I am doing the right thing by being honest to a person, and I dislike people who say that they are honest when they are just cruel. What the thinking I have done today has shown me is that if people are completely honest with me, I really value that, but not everyone does. Most of the time it’s best to just be kind. Not lying, or being unreasonably sweet, but being kind.

So from now on the lips are zipped. There is no need to be mean about people really, because no matter how much I get in a Sally-Mood and let people annoy me, they’re still just people, like me, and I know that in a week I’ll be really glad to have them as my friends. So the lips are zipped.


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