Closing Time

It is now 15 days until my course in Morocco is over. It’s 16 days before I leave this house where I’ve been living for the last 8 months, and move on for a month of working in Rabat.Today I packed my suitcase, so that Madame Halima and Mr Aziz can take it with them when they go on Tuesday, because there won’t be space when I finish my exams on the 21st. It makes me really sad. Although I’m not leaving this house for another 2 weeks, and the country for another 7, it somehow still feels like it’s all coming to an end way too soon.

When I first got here, everything was exciting, like eating Tagine, and riding in Taxis
I met my family and began to get to know them
I went to school for the first time
I went to the dessert, made friends, and rode a camel
I began to have the guts to go out alone, went to Rabat by myself to visit friends
Had Christmas break
Had Easter break

And now suddenly I’m here, and the whole thing is nearly finished.

And I’m really sad about that today.

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