Oh Morocco

I am a terrible blogger, and had a few posts planned which have been set aside due to spending all night booking a summer holiday. So here are a few things which make me sigh and say (the catchphrase of the year, may I add)

Oh Morocco!
1. The Spiderman shaped children’s ride outside Acima which was singing ‘Who let the dogs out?’ today.
2. Walking out of my room to discover that the house is full of people I don’t know, and no-body warned me (or will tell me who they are).
3. Eating dinner at 11pm.
4. Mr Aziz insisting on his little word-jokes with me.
5. One of our newly aqquired house-guests insisting on speaking to me only in fairly wonky English, made more awesome by his use of Arabic grammar.
6. Seeing a dead rat on the pavement and not being freaked out in the slightest.
7. Big Moroccan women wearing small American clothes, because it’s hot and they’re ‘modern and western women’.
8. lt raining outside, even though it’s been ridiculously hot all day. Confused country.
Oh Morocco. You make us laugh with your quirkyness.

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