Hair Removal

Lets have some fun stories and facts about hair removal. It’s been a theme of my life for a few days now.

So, let us begin. As a girl, I have made the decision to remove the hair from certain parts of my body. These principally include my legs and underarms. I use a razor. But no more, once I get back to England. Want to know why? Because I have been introduced to the world of epilating. It isn’t as painful as it sounds.

For those of you who don’t know, an epilator is a device which consists of a set of HORRENDOUS SPEED-ROTATING DEATH-TWEEZERS. Which is enough to put anyone off. But having been persuaded to give this implement of doom a try a few days ago, I’m converted. It has left my leg smoother than shaving, and doesn’t hurt horribly.

Another thing which people sometimes shave is their eyebrows. Some girls completely shave their eyebrows and draw them back on, some have tattoos even. Some people just shave or pluck the bridge of their nose to stop the appearance of a mono-brow. If you’re my boyfriend, you might spontaneously decide you need to do this (for no reason, may I add. Boyfriend does not have a mono-brow in the slightest) and you might use your shaver, and you might take a bit of your eyebrows off at the same time. He still looks good, just a little like his eyebrows are set too far apart.

If you’re a Muslim, I have discovered, there are bits of you which should be hairless. This is for the purposes of staying clean, and I have to say, I can definitely applaud that sentiment. However, one of the bits which should be clean and hair free is the pubic area. Now, I keep my bikini line neat, and I am perfectly comfortable with how I have it. I would not manage very well were someone to tell me to be completely bare.  I am not a waxing fan anyway, since it is akin to self-harm in my books, and I can only be in awe of the Muslim girls over here who get a full wax down there. Ouch.

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