The King is COOL

The boyfriend said this would make a good blog post and I couldn’t think of a better way to re-tell the story than to show your our chat conversation:

sallytalks: sorry for being super long

lolmarc: it’s ok : )

the king of morocco waved at you?

sallytalks: did you get my text?


lolmarc: haha sound exciting

sallytalks: basically the lights were all on coz of the kings visit

and we went down and didn’t realise we’d picked the exact time he was driving through
so there were a load of people but we made it to the front of the crowd
and then he drove past waving out the window and we waved and I am ready to SWEAR he saw us
Sent at 9:45 PM on Monday

lolmarc: hah sounds awesome babe

would make a good blog post ; )
So there you have it, readers. I saw the king of Morocco and he waved at me. Awesome!

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