Hot Cross Buns and Sympathy

Yesterday I baked Hot Cross Buns, and gave out sympathy. Baking and sympathy are some things I think I do very well.I woke up around 10ish, and spent the middle of the day trying to get in contact with my lovely Mum to say Happy Birthday. Unfortunately I couldn’t get through, and I’d already organised to head down to a party at the boy’s house in the afternoon. It was lovely. We played games and ate good food, and while it was slow getting started, it was still lovely. I slept over and then headed home this morning.

I walked a new way and there were no people, and that was scary. But I made it home fine, so that was ok.

I’ve spent the day still trying to get in contact with my family (without success so far) watching Dr Who – even though the Boyfriend really hates it, and doing work. Everyone else is out celebrating a birthday, but Madame Halima and Mr Aziz are worried about protests, and so I haven’t been out. It’s not the most exciting existence ever.

But oh well. Life goes on.

Happy Birthday Mum!!

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