Masterchef: Final 3

Warning! This post contains Masterchef series 7 episode 13 spoilers!

Ok, it doesn’t contain many. But some. I’m sure you’re all well aware by now that one of the many old person programs which I am totally addicted to is Masterchef. Since I’ve been here there has been a new series (as there is every year) and though it’s not been as good as last year in my opinion, I still can’t keep my eyes off it.

Courtesy of The Guardian

Yesterday was the first episode of the final. These guys got sent to Australia to try out some foraging and then some barbeque cooking with exciting Australian ingredients like kangaroo, barramundi and crocodile. Then they were judged by Australians, and there is no more pleasing race of people in the world for their down-to-earth judgements.

And that is all I will reveal at present. Safe to say that I will be closely watching to see who wins finally. I am on team Tim at the minute, but that can always change. We’ll have to see.

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