Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone

Boyfriend has gone home, and the amazing weather and lack of bother which I had while he was here has evaporated as well.Yes people, that’s right. Once again, I’m afraid It’s Raining Here in Fes…

I think that linking back to my own blog is probably the blogosphere equivalent of dividing by zero, but I just had to do it to see if it would work. And it did, which probably makes me awesome in some way.

But back to the story. If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘like rats leaving a sinking ship’ then you’ll be able to understand how my day has gone. Fes is acting like a sinking ship under the relentless torrents of rain which we’ve had since the huge thunderstorm on the night that Boyfriend left. And like rats, the creepy men are all out and about in the rain. Its creep circus out there. Earlier it was like someone had dropped a big creep-bomb and ground zero was me. I must walk around with a neon sign over my head saying ‘Creep on ME!’

There it is in the dark,
following me around…

Let me tell you about my walk home. I began by walking with some friends. That was fine. But a minute after leaving my friend at her road (I live another 30 minutes beyond there) the creeps were upon me. We began with a guy who looked about 15. He followed me for a while, asking if I needed help getting home. My normal tactic of complete blanking didn’t work, so I just sharply told him no. He shouted after me for a few steps, asking my name. He was swiftly followed up by creepy car man, who crept his car along the road opposite me. I ignored him. When I got to the boulevard I met up with creepy number 3. For a while he just followed me, but then he began vaguely whispering at me. It was weird. But I had my umbrella up by this point to stop the rain, so it was even easier to ignore him. Creep four was the hardest to shake, he actually held the edge of my umbrella up. I told him to get lost in Spanish (I don’t like them knowing I speak English) but that didn’t work. He followed me for a good 5 minutes, and I have a horrible suspicion it was longer and he now knows where I live. Having finally got rid of him, and now 3 minutes from home, bring on car-creep number two, who stuck to the curb pleading with me to hop in and catch a lift home. If I could have hit him with my umbrella, I think I would have.


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