Out of touch

I feel so out of touch with my life at home.

Today I put on BBC iplayer to see if there was anything worth catching up on. And discovered that on March 18th it’s Red Nose Day, run by the charity Comic Relief.

Comic Relief run ‘Red Nose Day’ every year across the UK. Schools often join in, as well as most TV and Radio stations. People fund-raise in lots of different ways, through endurance challenges to bake sales. And all the shops stock red noses (the kind a clown might wear) which are made and sold by the Comic Relief charity.

It is really well known, and a lot of fun, and each year a few high-profile celebrities and comedians do something. Two which I found particularly impressive this year were these two.

David Walliams – One of the comedians responsible for ‘Little Britain’ among other things, and well known in the UK for his endurance efforts.

Helen Skelton – A presenter of the popular childrens TV show ‘Blue Peter’ who is known for having kayaked down the Amazon river solo last year.

Hope you enjoy their stories, and have a great Red Nose Day! (when it comes!)

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