Fizzling out

Today I feel like I’m fizzling out. Anyone will tell you that I am like a firecracker, bouncing around, being loud and boisterous and always smiling. Even when I get annoyed (as you know I often do) I am annoyed in a ‘stop being stupid and lets just get the job done please’ way.

But today someone has dampened me down, and I feel like my spark is gone. I need to get home, and just have a rest from Fes, to pump me back up and make me catch again. Which is good, because it’s only two weeks now until I am officially home for a while.
It is amazing to think about what has happened so far this year though. There have been so many good times, and so many bad times (none of them too bad though!) that I can hardly remember not living here. Except that I also can’t believe it’s been a whole 6 months. I’m just hoping a stint at home will help me get my spark back so that I can go out of my time in Morocco with a BANG!

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