I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.

I’m not going to change the title of this, because what has been said can’t be unsaid.But, I can say how sorry I am. Anyone who actually remembers the content of this post will know that I was feeling a bit emotionally trodden on by someone who I really do value and respect, and that feeling made me do something which I promised I would never do. It made me use this blog as a way to vent my emotions about something personal.

That is not big, or clever. I shouldn’t have said half of what I said, and the half which needed saying should have been to the person’s face.

I can’t say enough how sorry I am that what I wrote made the person in question feel awkward with me. I take it all back whole-heartedly. She is a lovely person, and I appreciate having her in my life, and I hope that she knows that.

So I am not angry with anyone, but I am disappointed in myself. Very disappointed.

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