The GoodCat Show

At the risk of turning this into one big advert for ‘stuff my friends do sometimes’, I think you should all get your ears over to The GoodCat Show. It is a radio show which my two friends present over on LSRfm, which stands for Leeds Student Radio.

I’m hoping that next year I can manage to get more involved with some more university societies. I had a good time in first year, but it mostly involved hanging round with friends and scouting out decent places to spend our time. And then spending our time there. This year my time has been divided between the variety of class bonding activities, a variety of family bonding activities, and my homework, so despite having the best intentions of getting involved in charity work and things, I haven’t been able to (hindered slightly by people who know about charity ventures in Fes not telling me about them).

Anyway, The GoodCat Show runs from 2pm – 3pm each Wednesday, and it’s just one of many great radio shows which is played courtesy of Go have a listen. It’s good. Promise.

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