We had missed one of my friends birthday over the holiday, and of course exams are over, so last night we decided to have a party. It was long and complicated but very funny. I’ll tell you, although you probably had to be there.

5.30pm I got my taxi into town. It was particularly uneventful.
6.00pm I reached my friends flat half an hour early to get ready in a girly fashion.
6.30pm No-one else turned up. This is when they were supposed to.
7.00pm This is when we should have set off for the restaurant. We kept waiting.
7.20pm We realised we needed to leave because it’s a 30 minute walk and our booking was for 7.30.
7.30pm We got to the middle of town and realised our guide didn’t actually know where we were going.
7.40pm The others had made it to the restaurant by now. We were still lost in the backstreets.
7.50pm We finally made it, only to find that one group had gone to the restaurant opposite.
8.00pm We finally ordered.
8-10pm We had a lovely evening. Finally.

After this, everyone went home, which was also not the plan, so just the 4 of us girls went back to the original flat. We did girly sleepover things like naked pillow fights and truth or dare, and then got to bed. Oh, and drank raspberry vodka, but not too much, after the last drunken Fes experience. Today we’re going to the hammam and for lunch, and I am very excited. If only I could fit everything into my bag.

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