The Tribe

Did anyone else watch ‘The Tribe’ when they were younger? In the UK it used to broadcast on channel 5, and I adored it. Let me fill in those of you not lucky enough to have watched it.

We are in post-apocalyptic New Zealand (hold on, it gets better) in a world where a mystery virus has killed off all the adults. The teens have wrecked the cities and formed gangs which they call ‘tribes’. In an unnamed city we meet our motley crew of heroes who gather together in a trashed mall. They call themselves the Mall-Rats and thanks to their huge variety of talents – considering they are a group of 10 to 17 year olds – they manage to not only survive but start to re-build a civilization.

That is the basic plot. Added to this are a string of ridiculous romances between almost every character in turn, and a whole lot more implied sex than I was aware of at the age of 12. Not to mention several pregnancies, the first being a very heavily pregnant supposedly 14 year old character called Trudy. Her baby sticks it through all five series of the show. Now, I’m sure I’ve sold this to you really well, but give it a chance. The acting is a bit contrived, but even as an adult, I can still definitely appreciate the charm of the neon-dressed, face-painted Mall-Rats. Even now, I’d be pretty chuffed to join them (were it not for all the post-apocalypticness)

All in all, I’m quite a fan. And re-watching it is doing a lot for bringing my mental age back down after exams. So good times all round.

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