On the seventh day

On the seventh day after a baby is born, they are named at a special naming ceremony. I attended such a ceremony this morning. There was yet more sheep-killing. I feel like it’s a little unnecessary but refuse to question  it on the basis that the rest of the ceremony was exciting and fun (if a little scary).

There was much kissing and greeting to start with, and then we headed down for the sheep-killing bit. It was fairly uneventful except for much singing of the amazing Islamic prayer the women sing. It is wonderful, but I have no idea what it is called or if I could find it online to show you. It’s an experience to watch the women sing though, really amazing. Baby wasn’t phased at all, which is also good. Then we had a huge and wonderful breakfast of everything (Moroccan) that you can possibly imagine.

There is not much to say about the rest. Everyone chatted and talked, and I listened and enjoyed myself. I’m getting much better at understanding Arabic, if not speaking it. My issue I think is that I just can’t call words to mind quickly enough to have a decent conversation. I wish we were prompted to speak more in class, but that’s life.

Now I have homework to do (which explains this post of absolute procrastination). Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend, bring on Monday!

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