Honey, I’m Home!

So, the internet man came and fixed the internet. Good times.

Last night is something I don’t want to repeat in a hurry. I’m not a big drinker as it is, and since I’ve been here, I’ve been totally dry. I don’t see why I should drink really, since it’s forbidden for Muslims to drink and so it just hardly enters into the culture here.

I was persuaded to drink. Heavily. Firstly was a lovely birthday party, with some great bits. Then we moved on to another house to continue, only with alcohol. We started to play drinking games, which can only be expressed as a downward spiral of doom when it comes to lightweights of the drinking world. I was incredibly inebriated by the end. And this morning I was hardly better. Thankfully I had two lovely ladies to help me through it, with an amazing Hammam visit which has left me exhausted, and then a lovely tea at the swishest café in Fes, La Villa.

Now I am going to rest, and try and be less hungover. Once there are photos of the party, they will be here. There were some good moments.

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