Did you miss me?

Lack of internet is making it more difficult to find time to post. Also, I have very little news. I’ve decided to condense it into some bite-size points for you to enjoy.

1- I am home in the UK in 9 DAYS. I am so excited.

2 – I did OK in my last test. 25/30. Not to be sniffed at.

3 – Yesterday I bought a teapot for 50dh, which is probably far too much, especially since I wasn’t planning on buying it anyway. It’s pretty though.

4 – Also yesterday, a woman got shoved into the road in front of my taxi. We swerved, but it was still really scary.

5 – I have a party tonight. Since I am in a childish mood I will insist we eat cake and play twister. Expect photos.

6 – Did I mention I’m home in 9 DAYS!

Anyway, I’m supposed to get on with class round about now, so if you are jolly lucky, you’ll get a post later. Depending on the state of internet you may get posts over the weekend. If not, have a good one guys. We’ll catch up soon.

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