When there is nothing left to say

Now. Now is when there is nothing left to say. Seriously. I am out of blog ideas and I feel dead guilty about it.

Incidentally, I’m home in 7 DAYS! If you’re not excited about that, then I don’t want to know you. Or, I actually don’t know you, and therefore there is no reason for you to be excited. It’s also an option. If I don’t already know you, don’t take that last comment personally.

I have spent today on Skype mostly, and made a poster. At some point I might get a chance to share it with you, if I feel like it’s good enough, and I get permission to. I’m no artist, so it’s not amazing, but the people I made it for seemed to like it, which realistically is all that matters.

All night I’ve had nothing to say. Sad state of affairs.

G’night x

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