The Head

Here are some more fun Sally-facts.

Have you ever seen a more dramatic door-opening? I think not.

– Even though I consider myself an average student, I’m actually quite a high-achiever. I got 4 A* and 7 A for my GCSE exams, and am now at university, and getting good marks. I have a habit of making friends with people who are much brighter than me, which makes me feel more average.

– I study languages, and I currently speak four, English, French, Spanish and Arabic. I speak a little Moroccan Colloquial Arabic also, and I can mostly understand Italian.

– I love writing, reading and singing. If I could do anything in the world, it would be those three things, all at once…somehow.

– Singing is my secret passion, but since high school I haven’t belonged to any kind of singing group. One of my high school teachers made me very afraid of singing in front of people, so even though I would love to, normally I try to blend into the background in a singing group.

– I love books, and reading. I have a particular love of series of books, and right now I am hooked on the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. The only series I really am not keen on is Harry Potter.

– I love quizzes and quiz programs. I really enjoy useless facts and figures and I find them really interesting. My ideal day involves sitting with The Boy and watching Pointless.

– I like acting, particularly in Panto because I’ve been told I have an expressive face and good comic timing. I’d like to sing in a lead in Panto one day, but since I have a good voice for classical arias and opera I doubt I’ll get my wish.

See you all later with some more fun info on me.

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