I am having a cba day. For those of you not familiar with that particular internet acronym, lmgtfy. Anyhow, that is not being helped by the amount of work I have. Today in class we were given an entire writing composition to do. Not ideal considering we finish for Christmas tomorrow. Crazy Moroccan teaching styles coming in here.

So I’ve been semi-working, and semi-watching Only Connect, which I managed to get behind on while the internet was broken. And eating Halls Cherry, the nicest medicinal sweet in the world.

It’s not a good diet.
I honestly can’t wait to get home now, if just to sleep for days on end. These early mornings are still getting to me, even after 3 months, though I can happily say I’ve only actually turned up late once, and then I was hideously ill. Still, home is much looked forward to. I love it here and I’ll miss the whole family like mad. But get me home.

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