Snowed Under

In case you aren’t aware, the weather in the UK has been unseasonably cold for the past few weeks. Normally, I wouldn’t mind, because everyone knows that snow is fun, and did I mention, I’m living in North Africa. However, today I got told something horrible, and now, I’m really scared.

This is what I got told. A load of snow is expected in the next few days. Guess who was planning on travelling in the next few days? That’s right. Me.
I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t get home. I might cry. I’m on the verge of crying now, and it hasn’t even happened yet. I know that it’s irrational to care this much, but you’ve seen my recent posts. Getting home and seeing family is a pretty big deal for little old me right about now. Never mind the fact that a trip to see The Boy will be totally off the cards if it snows too heavily.
Bad times people. Bad times.

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