Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Except it doesn’t though, does it. Sorry is never hard to say when you actually mean it. Stupid song. The hardest word is clearly ‘Goodbye’ because it’s hard to be happy when you say it, even though it contains the word ‘good’. So that’s really stupid too.

This evening I have a goodbye party which I’m going to. It’s the end of term, semester, and most of the 6 week courses that have been going on, which means after Christmas it will be a whole new kettle of people. Which is cool, but then so were the guys who are here now. Our group is the eternal group really, since we’re the only ones who spend a whole year. So there are many goodbyes to come.

I hate saying goodbye. I’m one of those people who usually cries. But I think that’s because inside I’m quite aware of how infinite goodbye can be. I’ve lived in a lot of places, and been to a lot of schools. The people I’m still in contact with from those places are fairly numerous, thanks to the wonder of social networks like Facebook, and I can catch up to what my friend in the States is doing at uni and in the same minute learn that another friend has just moved from Bangladesh to Zimbabwe. It’s cool. The problem is that I never see any of these people any more. And the older I get the more I realise that I might never see them again. It’s hard to find times when we’re in the same country, or even just time where we have time for each other.

I have a hope that some of the friends I have made here will welcome me to see them in years to come, the way that I would welcome anyone I have known, if only they wanted to meet up again.

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