What to do?

I have found myself with nothing to do. This never happens.

In fact, if I was a good student I could say that there is never nothing to do. What I mean is that, having finished my homework, I am under no pressure to do anything. This would normally be the time I would try and get in touch with people at home for a bit, but for some reason my Skype is not working properly, and no-one is online by the looks of things.

It is all silent in the world of Sally.

Therefore, time for some more pointless information from planet me.
I love quiz programs, as many people know. My favourites include Mastermind, Only Connect, Pointless and Eggheads. Which mostly just makes me a BBC fan I think, but still, never mind. The reason I like them is that I love knowing random facts, and if they are from quizzes then that means they are often true. I normally have a fact for most occasions, and my quiz knowledge ranges from pop culture right through to university level science – at least according to University Challenge.

So my challenge to you, the reading public:

Give me an object, person, or place and I will relay to you my most interesting
 fact about it. If I don’t know anything about it, I will find something out.

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